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Sembo's Sauce

Smoky Raspberry

Smoky Raspberry

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Spice Level: 1/5

12 pounds of raspberries from our backyard patch form the base of this sauce. We add a blend of smoked mild peppers, primarily fresno and red jalapenos for some depth. The sauce is rounded out with a healthy portion of garlic and homemade red wine vinegar. Agave nectar and lime juice join the party for a balanced sweetness in the mildest "hot sauce" we've created.

Pairings: Salad vinaigrette, cheese plate compliment, pork, or in a pineapple mojito

Ingredients: Raspberries, Peppers (Red Jalapeno, Fresno, Poblano, Bell, Anaheim, Banana, Aji), White Vinegar, Red Wine Vinegar, Garlic, Lime Juice, Agave Nectar, Salt, Xanthan Gum

Date Produced: 11/12/2023

These products are homemade and not subject to state inspection

Sembo's Sauce - MN Cottage Producer License # 20247177

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